HENkaku R7 released

Now HENkaku R7 is released by Team Molecule.taiHENkaku is the new version of our favorite “homebrew loader” ported to the new taiHEN framework. Its major feature is the plugin support, (tai)HENkaku features a much better codebase than the original, making it much more stable and reliable.

taiHENkaku brought the C in CFW to the PS Vita. It allows us to us plugins on the PS Vita without needing the dependence on the amphetamin.skprx file. It’s also brought a ton of stability to HENkaku and the codebase has been refactored, along with making it easier for developers to use. Now we just need to wait for A Better Amphetamin plugin to be ported to the taiHEN framework and we’ll all be golden!

The above news comes from wololo.net.

HENkaku, PS Vita, taiHENkaku