Soundhax- an easy way to enter 3ds Homebrew

As we all know, 3DS console don’t support out of region. If you want to play roms out of region, you can enter the homebrew mode. Today we will introduce an easy way to enter the homebrew.

Step1: Build the final exploit file soundhax.m4a via run (requires python 2.7 and devkitpro).

Step2: Copy the soundhax.m4a to the root of the SD card.

Step3: Download the otherapp payload for your 3DS version, then copy otherapp.bin to the root of the SD card.

Step4: Download the Homebrew Starter Kit and unzip it. Then copy it to the root of the SD card.

Step5:Insert the SD card into the 3DS and start Nintendo 3DS Sound.

Step6: Run soundhax.m4a, and the Homebrew Launcher will load. Now you’ve enter the Homebrew mode sucessfully.  After that, you can play out of region roms freely.

Below is our testing picture for your reference.






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